Police warning over criminal underworld in the North Sea


Police Scotland have confirmed they are working in partnership with Aberdeen’s hardest-hit firms to prevent gangsters undercutting businesses with their front companies.

In recent months, Oil and Gas companies have been laying off thousands of their workers in the North Sea region whilst looking for new contracts.

Chief Constable Phil Gormley of Police Scotland has warned the main industry body about the dangers of being pulled in to the criminal underworld.

He said: “An initial approach has been made to Oil and Gas UK to discuss potential threats to the energy industry from serious organised crime.”

Gangland contractors are already pushing their way in to the industry and measures must be put into place to prevent this, Police Scotland’s North East Division Chief Inspector Kevin Wallace went on to say.

“Police Scotland will be meeting with Oil and Gas UK to ensure legitimate businesses can understand how serious organised crime attempts to target them and how they can work with law enforcement agencies to prevent criminals procuring services connected to the North Sea industry.”