Victims of the downturn are finding themselves in an even worse situation as potential new employers are actively discriminating against them, they say. 

A previous oil and gas worker has said he was explicitly told “we are not interested in people from oil and gas at the moment. You’ll just go back up to Aberdeen when the recovery starts” in an interview with BBC Scotland.

With thousands of oil and gas workers having lost their jobs this is obviously deeply troubling to hear.

Aberdeenshire East MSP Gillian Martin says she has written to UK Employment Minister Damian Hinds to share her concerns into the discrimination claims.

She says she has seen “documentary evidence” of some level of discrimination against former oil and gas workers and she now wants an investigation into how widespread this is.

She wrote: “Many people who have lost their jobs in the oil and gas sector have been trying to find employment in other sectors of the economy.

“Examples suggest that companies are discriminating against these workers, regardless of their skills, based only on their past involvement in the oil and gas industry.”

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