We are delighted to announce Bob Egan, Foreman with Petrofac for Maersk Oil, has joined rigbaby.com as an ambassador and voice for safety offshore. We talked to Bob to find out a bit more about the man Oil and Gas UK awarded Safety Representative of the Year, 2014.

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My first job was with Matthew Timmons in Dundee as an Apprentice Pipefitter/ Welder. Then after my time was out I worked on various sites throughout Scotland and in London before going to Australia backpacking and picking up jobs. However, it was easier to get a job pipefitting so I worked in Petro/Chemical plants and Fab Shops.

I came home in 91 and worked in Invergordon, St Fergus. I was then asked to go offshore for AOCI to work on the Piper B Hook up. This is when Safety hit me big time as we were working a few hundred meters from where 167 people who just went to do a job never returned. You could see the beacon where the Piper Alpha Platform had been 4 years earlier.

I remained offshore for the next few years working on various platforms before going onshore for a few years to work in Petro Chemicals, Construction and Power Stations – always with an interest in the safety of my workmates.

Then it was back offshore to the Britannia and BLP Hook up, before coming to Maersk with Aker and remaining with Petrofac. I’ve now been a Safety Rep for 4 and half years and won the UK Oil and Gas Industry Safety Representative of the Year in 2014.


Outside work I spend most time with my 2 boys Lennan and Ryley, love the mountains – especially in the winter. I’ve been snowboarding for 20 odd years so December to May is my favourite time of the year!

Achievements Include

  • Step Change G18 Safety Rep (Soon to be called Step Change ESR’s as we never – or very rarely – had the complement of 18 or 12) and part of the Step Change Leadership team.
  •  Being Part of the Workforce Engagement Support Team work group for Safety Reps
  • Talking about being a Safety Rep with Maersk, Petrofac and AKER at the Piper 25 Workforce Involvement Day June 2013
  • Becoming Maersk Oils Incident Free Safety Rep of the Year 2013
  • The UK Oil and Gas Industry Safety Awards, Safety Rep of the Year 2014

Bob Egan 2 006The most important thing I do is raise and highlight safety concerns from my constituents and myself to the companies and the wider industry, and try to find solutions and better ways to keep improving safety for everyone affected by working offshore.

I was at the Scottish Parliament in June talking about Helicopter safety and we mentioned rigbababy.com when asked by the MSP@s what was out there for the wider industry, their families and friends.

What I see rigbababy.com  to be about, is the offshore community not just the workers, their family’s and friends, but all the people who are involved directly or indirectly with the oil industry.

Weather you live under the flight path off a helicopter or an OIM its there to see what’s going on to listen learn and share. That’s why I support rigbababy.com

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