We all know that shaving every day can feel like a chore. The cost of razor blades…. and actually remembering to buy new ones regularly can be a real pain in the ass. Is it any wonder that beards have come back into fashion? But if like me, you’re more of a clean shave man then there’s no avoiding it. Step in Cornerstone.

Cornerstone are a shaving subscription service that send you all the shaving goodies you need, directly to your door – saving you the hassle of remembering to actually buy blades and other shaving necessities.

And the service is flexible, which makes it perfect for us offshore workers. You can choose how often you receive the boxes and change delivery dates to suit you. My box arrived within days with my scrub, gel, razor and balm and I have to admit when I opened up the swanky packaging I was actually looking forward to my next shave.

Before I begin my review – let me start with the big seller for me…

The razor chrome plated handle came engraved with my initials. Now this is not just cool – it is an argument winner. Next time my wife “borrows it” I can show her clearly – it’s got my name on it… hands off.

So here goes…..

The Face Scrub

Cornerstones scrub is a mix of cedar wood and volcanic sand grains to exfoliate your skin and prep it for shaving. It’s not just going to give you a great clean, but it also it helps to unblock pores, lift dead skin and – importantly – release ingrown hairs reducing shaving spots. I was a little sceptical about the scrub as it not something I would usually use, but my face definitely felt cleaner and fresher after washing with it.

The Shaving Gel.

So this is something I am used to. I popped it open and straight away was hit with an amazing smell, which the box tells me is eucalyptus oil with ginger extract. I applied the gel which worked a treat. It is very different to other gels I have tried in the past as it stuck to my face really quickly.

The Shave

I’m a regular user of Gillette Fusion blades I’ve always been happy with so it was going to take something pretty special to beat them. The Cornerstone razor felt very different to hold. First of all it is light as a feather and I found this takes a little getting used to as my previous razor has a bit more weight to it. But its erganomic design is comforble and I soon adapted to the change. I ran the razor down my face and it cleanly removed every single hair without any tugs or force. The result – I had a great close shave without any cuts, tugs or razor burns.

After shaving I used the Post-Shave Balm – which again smelt great – and left refreshing cool tingly feeling across my face. The balm is blended with mint and honey extracts to soothe and condition your skin and finishes off the experience perfectly.

The Verdict

I think the word ‘experience’ sums up this product perfectly. It takes shaving from a chore to an activity to be enjoyed and to leave you feeling great afterwards. I found all the products in the trial to be of excellent quality. The shave was clean and the complimenting products left my skin not only looking but feeling great too. The packaging is sleek and robust, and the subscription service is hugely convenient. My face felt smooth and refreshed and I’ll definitely be continuing to use their products and service.

If you want to try out Cornerstone for yourself, just visit their website – www.cornerstone.co.uk